Скрап механик вся одежда


Clothing is part of character customization in Scrap Mechanic.


Overview [ edit | edit source ]

Clothing items are unlocked by using a Dressbot. Doing so requires a Garment Box and Cotton.

Unlocked Clothing items become available in the Character menu, which is accessed through the main menu or by using the Wardrobe of a Dressbot.

Outfits [ edit | edit source ]

Outfits are listed in their customization GUI order. Each item type follows this order.

Image Name Items Notes
Mechanic none Jacket Gloves Pants Shoes Backpack Unlocked by using a Dressbot’s Wardrobe.
Crash Mechanic none Jacket Gloves Pants Shoes Backpack Default.
Damaged version of the Mechanic set.
Applicator Hat Jacket Gloves Pants Shoes Backpack
Automotive Hat Jacket Gloves Pants Shoes Backpack
Delivery Hat Jacket Gloves Pants Shoes Backpack
Demolition Hat Jacket Gloves Pants Shoes Backpack
Lumberjack Hat Jacket Gloves Pants Shoes Backpack
Farmer Hat Jacket Gloves Pants Shoes none
Engineer Hat Jacket Gloves Pants Shoes Backpack
Painter Hat Jacket Gloves Pants Shoes Backpack
Golf Hat Jacket Gloves Pants Shoes Backpack
Farmhand Hat Jacket Gloves Pants Shoes none
Technician Hat Jacket Gloves Pants Shoes Backpack

Items [ edit | edit source ]

Slot Image Name Rarity Notes
Hats Applicator Hat Epic
Automotive Hat Rare
Delivery Hat Rare
Demolition Hat Epic
Lumberjack Hat Rare
Farmer Hat Epic
Engineer Hat Rare
Painter Hat Epic
Golf Hat Common
Farmhand Hat Epic
Technician Hat Rare
Torso Mechanic Jacket
Crash Mechanic Jacket
Applicator Jacket Epic
Automotive Jacket Rare
Delivery Jacket Epic
Demolition Jacket Rare
Lumberjack Jacket Common
Farmer Jacket Epic
Engineer Jacket Common
Painter Jacket Rare
Golf Jacket Common
Farmhand Jacket Common
Technician Jacket Common
Bearing T-Shirt Rare Features a Bearing.
Seat T-Shirt Common Features a Seat.
Scrap Muffin T-Shirt Common Features a Sledgehammer embedded in a muffin.
Control Freak T-Shirt Common Features a Controller.
Need Lift T-Shirt Common Features a Lift.
Axolot T-Shirt Common Features the Axolot logo.
Sensitive T-Shirt Common Features a Sensor.
Totebot Moon T-Shirt Common Refers to Three Wolf Moon.
Team Tomato T-Shirt Common Features a Tomato.
Team Banana T-Shirt Common Features a Banana.
Team Broccoli T-Shirt Common Features Broccoli.
Team Blueberry T-Shirt Common Features Blueberries.
Connections T-Shirt Common Features a pattern based on Connect Tool connection lines.
Playing Wrong T-Shirt Common Refers to the «You’re playing the game wrong, stop that!» message seen after falling through the world.
Quack T-Shirt Common
Company T-Shirt Common Features the Wonk Enterprises logo.
Totem T-Shirt Common Features Totebot Heads.
Totebot Pattern T-Shirt Common
Logical T-Shirt Common Features a Logic Gate.
Woc Love T-Shirt Common Features a Woc.
Pizza Burger T-Shirt Common Features a Pizza Burger.
Carrot Pattern T-Shirt Common Features a pattern based on Carrots.
Corn Pattern T-Shirt Common Features a pattern based on Corn.
Gas T-Shirt Common Features Gasoline.
Possibly a reference to the Eurobeat song «Gas Gas Gas».
Gloves Mechanic Gloves
Crash Mechanic Gloves
Applicator Gloves Epic
Automotive Gloves Common
Delivery Gloves Common
Demolition Gloves Common
Lumberjack Gloves Common
Farmer Gloves Epic
Engineer Gloves Common
Painter Gloves Common
Golf Gloves Rare
Farmhand Gloves Common
Technician Gloves Common
Legs Mechanic Pants
Crash Mechanic Pants
Applicator Pants Epic
Automotive Pants Epic
Delivery Pants Rare
Demolition Pants Common
Lumberjack Pants Common
Farmer Pants Epic
Engineer Pants Rare
Painter Pants Common
Golf Pants Rare
Farmhand Pants Common
Technician Pants Rare
Shoes Mechanic Shoes
Crash Mechanic Shoes The left shoe is missing.
Applicator Shoes Epic
Automotive Shoes Common
Delivery Shoes Common
Demolition Shoes Common
Lumberjack Shoes Common
Farmer Shoes Epic
Engineer Shoes Common
Painter Shoes Common
Golf Shoes Common
Farmhand Shoes Common
Technician Shoes Common
Backpack Mechanic Backpack
Crash Mechanic Backpack
Applicator Backpack Epic
Automotive Backpack Common
Delivery Backpack Common
Demolition Backpack Rare
Lumberjack Backpack Common
Engineer Backpack Epic
Painter Backpack Rare
Golf Backpack Epic
Technician Backpack Common
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Upcoming [ edit | edit source ]

New T-shirts and outfits will be added, including a Welder outfit.

History [ edit | edit source ]

Beta [ edit | edit source ]

  • 0.4.8
    • The name of the currently selected Clothing item now appears in the customization menu.
    • Added the following T-shirts:
      • Woc Love T-Shirt
      • Logical T-Shirt
      • Pizza Burger T-Shirt
      • Carrot Pattern T-Shirt
      • Corn Pattern T-Shirt
      • Gas T-Shirt
  • 0.4.0
    • Added all items in the following outfit sets:
      • Mechanic
      • Crash Mechanic
      • Applicator
      • Automotive
      • Delivery
      • Demolition
      • Lumberjack
      • Farmer
      • Engineer
      • Painter
      • Golf
      • Farmhand
      • Technician
    • Added the following T-shirts:
      • Bearing T-Shirt
      • Seat T-Shirt
      • Scrap Muffin T-Shirt
      • Control Freak T-Shirt
      • Need Lift T-Shirt
      • Axolot T-Shirt
      • Sensitive T-Shirt
      • Totebot Moon T-Shirt
      • Team Tomato T-Shirt
      • Team Banana T-Shirt
      • Team Broccoli T-Shirt
      • Team Blueberry T-Shirt
      • Connections T-Shirt
      • Playing Wrong T-Shirt
      • Quack T-Shirt
      • Company T-Shirt
      • Totem T-Shirt
      • Totebot Pattern T-Shirt

Gallery [ edit | edit source ]

Technician and Lumberjack outfit renders from Devblog 11.